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Letsch Staffing Services

Creating a successful partnership between experienced employees and great businesses.



Associates selected, receive a dozen donuts and a gift card.

We would like to Congratulate the following associates for being selected as Associate of the Month:

November 2020

Maxwell D.

October 2020

Leanora L.

September 2020

Jolene D.

July 2020

Ben L.

September 2019

Michael Trabert

August 2019

Gavin Ruiz

May 2019

Maria Duran

April 2019

Thania Cruz

March 2019

Jamie Salcedo

February 2019

Bernarda Govea 

January 2019

Jamie Jacobsen

December 2018

Jesse Nava

October 2018

Maria Aguirre 

September 2018

Francisco Rodriguez

July 2018

Corey Johnson

June 2018

Perlita Zywicki 

May 2018

Jamie Jacobson

April 2018

Deborah Adkisson

March 2018

Robert Lowery

February 2018

Brittany Eschmann 

January 2018

Kim Bojarski 

December 2017

Brandon Nelson

November 2017

Guadalupe Mora

September 2017

Maria Torres Santiago

August 2017

Breck Deering

July 2017

Cristopher Canales

June 2017

Wilson Valdez 

May 2017

Jonathan James

April 2017

Vanessa Santiago

February 2017

Stephanie Algarin

November 2016

Josh Castellion

October 2016

Kyle Markham

September 2016

Pedro Cruz

August 2016

Ryan Thompson

June 2016

Chad Pincolm

March 2016

Ryan Tencate

February 2016

Nathan Zamecnik

January 2016

Eric Serbedzija

December 2015

Kelly Belen

November 2015

Mabeline Argenal

September 2015

Eileen Kindig

August 2015

Jessica Stulo

July 2015

Greg Humphrey

June 2015

James Madson

May 2015

Ryan Wieczorek

April 2015

Nicholas Cruz

March 2015

Nick Lonergan

February 2015

Jason Chernowski

January 2015

Marissa Tirado

December 2014

Ryan Thieme

November 2014

Ricardo Munoz

October 2014

Kyle Flood

September 2014

Jeremy Johnson

August 2014

Deonte Block

July 2014

Kevin Ballard

June 2014

Christopher Price

May 2014

James Strand

April 2014

Ricardo Ortiz